Friday, August 15, 2014

Impact of social media on Music Business

The era of non-conventional methods of music business operations has dawned. Digital age has led way to the internet age of music industry. File sharing, piracy and fragmented platforms are the main choices and challenges of music distribution.  This unconventional route has been taken by amateurs and professionals alike. Positive branding has become an important concern in industry’s upbeat competition. Bands love getting feedbacks and analysing it to know the scope for improvement. Most of the music businesses have found social media as the route to make a two way communication. Music distribution goes hand in hand with promotion; hence making social media presence has become vital. Social media shares of lyrics, music files and other activities trigger the snowball movement for any music brand.

Engaging with listeners

Social media monitoring has been the way to measure success in brand endorsement. Scaling up the buzz around music release is the effective strategy to promote digital distribution. Measuring online conversation is considered as significant part of analytics of music businesses. Successful lifetime fan to artist or fan to band relationship depends on mutuality of interest.  Recognizing and engaging with listeners is the decisive process in building concrete relationship with audience. Social media presence has thus become integral part of any music business campaign planning. Getting responses on social media are easier and quicker than getting email responses. Using content to promote music is the mantra of marketing in Internet age.

Brand Endorsements

For start-ups and individual artists, social media gives the leverage in par with any giant company’s marketing budget. Social media brings exposure of new global audience. The youth and flush audience involved, allows an artist or brand to make an impression they would like. Constant blogging on web 2.0’s, brand endorsements, social media promotions would be contributing for increase of sales. Many cloud sharing and twitter geared sites have been transforming the online music atmosphere. is worth mentioning among the list of licensing, distributing and promoting sites in regards with music businesses. The four hundred thousand Facebook profiles involved with Loonaq’s Facebook Official Loonaq's Facebook Page (including the pages of it's network, managed by Loonaq) allows music's content partners/artists/bands to take advantage of the unlimited exposure.

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