Loonaq' Studio

Leia AzZahra Safiya at Loonaq's studio recording with sound engineer cum musicians/vocalist Nick CDRW.
I think if I am serious to made a comeback in this music industries, I should start with it's 'brain farm' so called the place you creates, you storm your brain & mind to make the product....music! With the enhanced technology especially in making music software, home studio, or digital studio and electronic compositions such as Pro Tools and Reason (no doubt I started to learn all this stuff from my bro Man Senoi) finally I decided to invest by making a studio recording in my unused shop office at Taman Desa Kundang, Rawang, Selangor.

Powered by Apple mac pro Quad Qore Intel Xeon engines, bundle with powered application + Pro Tools 9.05 as mother tucker board and combined with hyper sound interfaces for digital+analog records Apogee Ensemble and Focusrite Liquid and ASA One for vocal and acoustic analog; watch out 2012-this area will not too quite anymore....