About Us

What is Loonaq?

“Loonaq” word is actually taken from the pronunciation of "lunak" (from Malays and Indonesia word) coming from the greeting of ‘soft’ in the Malay/Indonesia word language which can carry the symbolic meanings of good explanation for taste, tenderness, calm and love with peace or beauties. It may be referred to what is been heard, what been said, what can be perceived and what can be shown – in harmony and soft.

Our story!

Loonaq Records was established in May 2012 initially as an indie Record Label from Malaysia and later transformed to Digital Content Distribution Platform in order to streamlined the market business changes and also how customers consumes content especially music and video using rapid technologies innovation and social network engagement!

Loonaq’s main product such as audio recordings, music/song/Video productions, video, audiobook, artists collectibles, books and others (nowadays it called CREATIVE CONTENT) was later totally distributes using this platform www.loonaq.my which also offered this services to its Content Partners not only for local labels and indie talent from Malaysia but also from Indonesia and Singapore via worldwide licensing mandate to distribute to all digital store and audio/video streaming platform such as iTunes, Spotify, Deezer, Youtube, Vimeo, etc.

After receiving MSC Status Company December end of 2013 through Loonaq Sdn. Bhd., the founder brought Loonaq to next level by starting to upgrade deeper technology innovations. Since Loonaq can be said as 1st digital music & audio distribution in Malaysia, series of experiences captured supported by MDec, Matrade and Malaysian Recording Industry of Association, NEF, etc. including attending MIDEM, an international Music Festival at Cannes, France in 2013 and 2014, also attended Music Matters in Singapore and Asia Startup Jakarta, supported by MaGic in early 2014; it really gear up all Loonaq’s team to explore digital experiences toward deploying the first Islamic Content Marketplace called IslamicTunes.net in April 2015 at Jakarta, Indonesia.

This change Loonaq to be an Muslim's Creative Entrepreneurs Booster to accelerate Muslim’s talents especially in music and entertainment business! Be it a digital media, a multi channel marketplace and a social hub community, Loonaq is ready to service you with bundles of products to suit your need to be heard, be seen and get noticed.