Sunday, February 12, 2012

Rakaman album SAFIYA

Kumpulan nasyid pop baru yg dianggotai 3 muslimah2 muallaf Leia@farrahsinah, Nurain & Ain Vallerie sdg mendengar pesanan2 dr penerbit album Othman masri@man Senoi yg juga pengarah muzik loonaqrecords. Lagu single pertama 'Cinta Muallaf dijangka akan dikeluarkan bulan Mac ini.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Reunion of Terra Rossa & Naskah Nurani project

We're still finalising certain issues for Terra Rossa's regroup album and seems all problems already ironed up but awaiting for Anjang first move. But while discussion, Ali already given green light for special project album which insyaallah papa Rock Ramli Sarip will featuring in this album together new coming nasyid group Hufaz. Totally written by hjrozman, this mini album will have 5 tracks of song and man Senoi & Rosli I.S will oversee the production together with Opie who will be main music arranger. Hjrozman already named this album as the 'Naskah Nurani'.

Updated: This project has been cancelled due to the problem of publishing right.
#Ali TerraRossa/XPDC, #reunion

Monday, January 2, 2012

Recovery Project | CINTA PADA BAYANGAN by UCOP

Salah satu dari project recovery album-album dan lagu yang pernah dirakam oleh label-label yang diusahakan oleh keluarga, isteri dan saya di suatu masa dahulu di bawah FGM, OMRY, Karun Seni, Sonic Asylum Records, Kirawang Muzik, Brain Music dan lain-lain.

Wah! banyaknya label?

Ada banyak sebab. Sebab utamanya adalah kerana kebanyakkan projek-projek itu adalah untuk mengeksplorasikan muzik atau konsep yang belum pernah dibuat oleh mana-mana syarikat rakaman lain di Malaysia. Bagi mengelakkan risiko merosakkan brand label yang sedia ada, beberapa label atau sub-label diwujudkan. Hal ini banyak berlaku di Europe dan US.

Recovery Project | GP Dunia by Sharkfin

Album ini dirakam dan diedarkan pada tahun 1999 oleh Brain Music yang uruskan oleh hjrozman ketika itu. Mengambil konsep 'trend setter' yang selalu diamalkan oleh hjrozman, beliau telah mengenengahkan konsep dance group yg menjadikan muzik keras spt metal grunge bagi menampilkan kelainan dari penyanyi wanita (kumpulan atau individu) ketika itu.

Album mini dengan 4 buah lagu ini diberi tajuk 'INTRODUKSI BRUTAL'. Konsep ini telah mendapat perhatian dari label2 besar namun perjuangan 4 anak dara ini terhenti atas beberapa sebab dan gagal meneruskan rakaman album penuh. Walaupun SHARKFIN ini tidak sempat mencapai kemuncak erti kegemilangan, namun aktiviti show yang padat sepanjang setahun sejak album ini diedarkan membuktikan bahawa konsep ini mula diterima pendengar2 muzik Malaysia dan mula mendapat permintaan utk dimainkan di radio2.

Sepatutnya mereka harus meneruskan album penuh tapi kita manusia hanya boleh merancang, Tuhan yang menentukan akhirnya....Video klip yang telah disimpan hampir 10 tahun ini akhirnya diuruskan oleh LOONAQ RECORDS yang ditubuhkan oleh hjrozman bersama Man Senoi (penerbit album Sharkfin ini) sebagai usaha mendokumentasikan semua lagu2 dan album2 yg pernah dicipta dan dikeluarkan serta diuruskan oleh hjrozman menerusi label2 indie yang bermula dari KARUN SENI, SONIC ASYLUM RECORS, AROMA PRODUCTION, KIRAWANG MUZIK, ASYLUM RECORDS SDN BHD dan akhirnya NEURON Records.

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Friday, December 9, 2011

We Are Ready...!

Our music sifu Othman Masri aka Man Senoi who joined Loonaq Records since the beggining of Loonaq set up, already given his thumb up with peace signal means we are ready to start recording works. Yeahhh! after long weeks of installation including registering all the softwares and interface plus rewired it, its ready now!

Assisted by his 17th years old son, Fitri who very precise on the computer and electronic devices installation and configurations, Othman who was well-known of 2 masterpiece product called 4U2C and SHADES will handle and responsible all recoding+composition works including writing songs for Loonaq's own publishing house. 

We're waiting talents from every angle of the world to be with us exploring their music.....! 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

FTG:My 1st product released on 1991 under Karun Seni production

I was at FGM Industries Sdn Bhd (before it called OMRY RECORDS) helping my wife's family running the only bumiputera music entrepreneur at that time having their own professional 24 tracks recording studio including of mastering facilities and cassette duplicating machines since 1990 in Jalan Sentul, Kuala Lumpur.

Looking after the marketing and distribution department, I felt unhappy  with the product list of FGM nevertheless they had their own studio (like own farm of music!) but all of the product was 'market shy' and away from the market trend. 

I still remember that our studio almost fully booked and fully used by local records companies. Almost all of them also was recording rock bands album, but FGM was never feel the same and their only rock band released at that time was URGENT (1st album was in 1988 and 2nd was early 1990).  

Frustrated with the sales performance, I decided to go downstream and looking after the production by myself.  I saw the competition also was very tough! At that time almost every rock bands wanted M.Nasir to produced their album or wanted his song track to be 'killer song'.  This resulted poor schedule of release because almost all M.Nasir's product took nearly one year to complete! 

I know that FGM will never got energy to compete with all the tauke2 local record companies or giants  international companies and we have to continue producing product and the product must speak 'louder' than all the rock bands.  I know that Malaysian Underground Music scene just started 5 years back and still not having good impact from the followers (I went to few underground gigs in KL and Ipoh and saw only hundred over pack the gig ground!) but at least I can put a try! 

One day my friend Rahim Zubir told me that he knows one band who always did jamming at Helion Studio Medan Mara (Rahim's shop just beside this legend's studio!) and want to introduce them to me. I ask him to wait until I visited Rahim's Shop and almost a week of hearing sessions from Rahim's Shop, then I decided to ask Rahim to do me a favor by introducing them (later I know the group band has a name called FTG).

But the critics been flying to and by management that my idea was crazy and by signing FTG with FGM, the named of FGM will be tarnish and collapse. Then I created Karun Seni to be a sub label to FGM to solve that problem probably created by well known rock composer who don't want to accept that 'rock kapak' malaysian era will ended soon!

Later Karun Seni signed with Mie, Jac, Nizam and Bart (Allahyarham) at the FGM office for 2 years or 2 album contract. It took only one week to complete this mini album (by tracks, actually it's an full album if calculated by length!) because all of them had been jamming for almost a year hoping to get proper records deal (not a demo deal)! 

That's my story how we started 20 years ago. And I can say that we created the history and the true claimed that FTG was the first Underground band recorded professionally in Malaysia. Cromox came 3 weeks later but their released was a Demo release which recorded in Australia where they studied there.

But it's just about music, just about new market opportunity!

By hjrozman

No joke! I'm here again...

No joke! I'm here again...
My old friend songwriter called me 2 month ago asking me how he want to register his tracks that recorded & distributed by my label 10 years ago, since I didn't register with any local's royalties collector. This means he also had difficulties to collect it since his songs in under my publishing right. I told him that he can register it by himself and collect his part of royalties and that procedures had been used before (I know it because I got another friend songwriter and yet still got his royalties after his publishing company went bankrupt some years ago!)

I'm telling the truth that I was not generally keen to do all the recovery works just to register all my stuff since 20 years ago, but then when he bagged me as he was not financially sound and also to old to get an another job, then I realized that I may too stubborn or maybe selfish not to assist him to register it.

This is the main reason I registered LOONAQ RECORDS.

Founder of Loonaq Records (2011), Brain Music (1999), Sonic Asylum Records (1992), Asylum Records Sdn Bhd (1994) & Karun Seni (1991)